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Vari Scary Gas Gun

Vari Scary Gas Gun

Ref: FS-G3860

The Vari-Scary gas gun will keep birds on the move, with an innovative timing mechanism enabling operators to infinitely vary both the number of salvos and the number of bangs per salvo. Changing the frequency of salvos is a more effective deterrent to pigeons, rooks and other pests.

The Vari-Scary is a simple bird scaring device that can be effective wherever bird pests are a problem:

  • Pigeon damage to oilseed rape
  • Crows landing in laid corn
  • Birds feeding on drilled maize

The Vari-Scary uses a unique electronic controller from Robydome to enable simple programming of the unit. The timer permits different combinations in any 30 minute time segments, to better match bird flock activity.

The timer-controlled system overcomes serious limitations of light sensitive systems that can trigger firing too early in the morning, or cut off in dull weather to leave the crop exposed to attack. The reliability of the electronic timer gives confidence to set up and leave the Vari-Scary safe in the knowledge it will come on and go off at the designated times.

A continuous spark ignition system ensures the ultimate reliability in firing throughout the day.

Manufactured from tough polyethylene the Vari-Scary will not rust or corrode. The Techneat CAD design and roto-moulding process has also engineered robust strength at significantly lower weight than other plastic gas guns, making the Vari-Scary easy to transport and convenient to move quickly to pest hot-spots.

The integrated high-leg stand ensures good stability and maximum coverage in taller crops, including keeping pests off barley and peas at harvest.

The Vari-Scary can be used in combination with the Eye-Scare to provide a range of audible and visual deterrents to pest activity. Whether as a crow scarer or pigeon deterrent, Vari-Scary keeps the birds moving.

Key features:

  • Ultimate modern gas gun deterrent
  • 24 hour clock control - no unreliable light sensor
  • 30-minute programme selection matches bird flock activity
  • Infinitely adjustable programmer to avoid pest acclimatisation
  • Focusing deterrent on times of peak bird activity
  • Programmable for multi-bang salvos
  • Simple to set up
  • Lightweight, tough construction with integrated carry handle for easy moving
  • Manufactured in the UK from corrosion-free, robust polyethylene
  • Reliable Robydome electronics
  • Integral legs allows the bang to project further
  • Integral 12v 9Ah battery
Our Price: 450.00 Inc VAT
Our Price: 375.00 Ex VAT

Available within 7-14 working days

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