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DEB Swarfega Jizer- Degreaser 5L


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DEB Swarfega Jizer- Degreaser 5L
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  • Powerful - Effective dissolving action will remove

         heavy deposits of mineral oil, grease, tar, bitumen, and

         waxes from a wide range of metals, plastics and

         painted surfaces.

  • Effective - Quickly and thoroughly cleans engines,

        motors, components and parts and machinery and


  • Prevents Corrosion - Added rust inhibitor helps

        reduce corrosion during the degreasing process.

  • Versatile - Can be used for removing oil and grease

        marks from many floor surfaces, tar spots and oil from

        body work and cleaning paint brushes.

  • Water Rinsable - Special emulsifiers ensure soilings

        can be easily rinsed off with water leaving surfaces

        clean and non-greasy.

  • Compatible - With all metal and metal components

        and will not stain or damage most plastics, synthetic

        rubber or paints.

  • Reusable - Rapidly separates from dirt and grime for

        repeated usage and high economy in use.

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